Monday, September 6, 2010

i let it all out..

tersengguk-sengguk aq smlm,
thanks babe for lending me d shoulder 4 a while
eventhough i just grab it without asking..hehe,
u noe who u r...
rsenye dats it more reminiscing,or texting or whutsoeva..
ngokngek je...mud spoiler dikala kehappy-an!
u txt me like u want me,n im kinda starting to want u,
n when i do want u,n u noe it already
u'r back with a person who diss u bfore
n u r seeking for my advice on how to console her also
wadafak??pnat je aq wt mke x malu confess (walaupon ko x tgk mke aq face 2 face pn mse confess tu kn coz i jz txt u)
tp still malu jgk,x kire!!
now im sober..n for real.

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