Wednesday, September 22, 2010


tadi aq pegi pasar malam,dengan tak semena2 mata aq tertangkap 1 mamat hot gila jalan depan aq.huyyoooooooo!!!!!(droolin'...) ang yang tak boley blah nya aq dengan tak sengaja dek kehot-an mamat yg hot lg stylo itu bila dia lalu ja sebelah aq dengan otomatiknya tanpa disengajakn terkeluar aq bersuara,


gatai nya aq..!!


after several weeks of hiatus..aku menulis lagi...
hurm.........hehe,xtaw nk tulis apa sbnanye...just excited nk pegi penang sok!!!!!!nk membawa hati yang lara,.ececececeh....lara la sgt,xlara la ,sebal..hari hari kena jadi fake,ingt aq nih fakers ka pa?? hell with all that for a while...mood skarang::kite enjoyyyy!!!penang,here i come...........................

(................kawan kawan,tolong hiburkan hati saye ye.............)

Monday, September 6, 2010

i let it all out..

tersengguk-sengguk aq smlm,
thanks babe for lending me d shoulder 4 a while
eventhough i just grab it without asking..hehe,
u noe who u r...
rsenye dats it more reminiscing,or texting or whutsoeva..
ngokngek je...mud spoiler dikala kehappy-an!
u txt me like u want me,n im kinda starting to want u,
n when i do want u,n u noe it already
u'r back with a person who diss u bfore
n u r seeking for my advice on how to console her also
wadafak??pnat je aq wt mke x malu confess (walaupon ko x tgk mke aq face 2 face pn mse confess tu kn coz i jz txt u)
tp still malu jgk,x kire!!
now im sober..n for real.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


"Aishah (RA) reported that she asked Allah's Messenger (SAW) "O Messenger of Allah! If I knew which night is Laylat ul Qadr, what should I say during it? And he instructed her to say Allahuma innaka ‘afuwwun tuhibbul ‘afwa fa ‘afu ‘anni, O Allah You are the Most Forgiving; You love to forgive so forgive us."
' InshaAllah, I will come online after the end of Ramadan as I want to refrain from unnecessary chat and spending time on internet. You have a nice pic. But I didnt look much. In this Ramadan I have two important goals among others. To read the whole Quran at least once and lower my gaze from looking at women, especially on the street. And especially u...'

........hehe,dan aq pun tersenyum sendiri, :D

Friday, September 3, 2010


right now im eating...with tearss in my eyes..~sigh,so hard to forget him..trying to..but its hard..damnn im so messed up..pretending like nothing happen..its hard..with my sis with her flowery hearts around..its hard..texting during working hour..its hard..haish,
u,i bkn nk lari..but i just hv to avoid u..coz d longer i stay friends with u the more heartbroken i u starting to treat me as a luvdoc..whut da????please forgive me,k...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

pesanan buat kekasih-kekasih

........i hope u find happiness in ur life,i really do..

TO ACAP:: brave acap.chances to love dont come easily so grab it while you can..

.........take good care of the one that u have for it may gone in a split second.dont take her for granted..

.........please think of urself 1st before others.its hard to find a person who love u for who u are and u should be grateful that person found u already..

.........easy,babe.go slow..if she's not meant for u she'll never be urs n vice versa.u're a great guy.u'll find ur perfect fit soon enough.chillex..

..........its hard to forget d people that once we gave all our heart to.but like they say,time heals..

..........take care,anum.iknow u know what u r doing n d decision is all up to u.think wisely n dont get hurt..

TO FARHANA:: aint fare,so do appreciate things dat u have before going after things that sounds promising coz u may end up with nothing in ur hand..

..........B E L I E V E..

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love Is A Losing Game

"Love Is A Losing Game"

 For you I was a flame

Love is a losing game

Five story fire as you came
 Love is a losing game
While I wish I'd never played

Oh what a mess we made

And now the final frame

Love is a losing game
Played out by the band

Love is a losing hand

More than I could stand

Love is a losing hand

Self professed... profound

Till the chips were down

...know you're a gambling man

Love is a losing hand
Though I'd bet on blind

Love is a faith resign

Memories mar my mind

Love is a faith resign

Over futile odds

And laughed at by the gods

And now the final frame

Love is a losing game

Monday, August 30, 2010


Last time I took it out and give it to sumone
He take good care of it
He filled it with love that it never empty
He holded it tight that it never cold
He cleaned it up that it never dirty
He kept it near his so it wont go lost
He light it up that it never dark
but suddenly,he gave it back to me
coz he’s not able to look for it anymore
for he’s going sumwhere n coming back is never assure
I take it back,my heart
But I don’t know how to nurture it
So I just locked it in a hollow space inside my chest
N when to open it,I myself can’t guess
Then came sumone with a key
He filled a bit to my heart that almost empty
He warm a bit to my heart that almost icy
He wash a bit my heart that became dirty
He show me the path where I suppose to be
He open the chest n light the pitch
N at last again I took my heart out
Thinking that he can shelter it with no doubt
then I’ve been struck by lightning
coz he say he’s already take a heart to his caring
n now my heart is out there
sumwhere without a care
all I know now is
its empty
and lost…….


And I thought the worst day has passed..
Yet there’s more to come..

When I thought the worst is over ..

Yet its still there waiting to be found..

i already have a glance of ‘is thought,.

not that I have a power to predict..

nor in people’s mind I can read..

I know it by heart ..

That im just not the apple of ‘is eyes..

Nor the thorn on ‘is rose..

Not even the blooming flower that can melt ‘is ‘art..

I am just a mat..

Where he can lean on when he feel sad..

Where he lie on when he is mad..

Or just sit on and stare at..

And he can step on when he feel bad..

N just pass by when not needed..

Anytime,any place coz I’ll be there always..

But I never mind those..

Because at least I know..

He’ll come to me sooner or later..

When he need me to lie on,lean on, sit on and even step on..

I don’t care..

I will always be there..


i've been hurt so bad...
without ever making a move i already feel like being rjected from the beginning...
rase mcm hati aq kne koyak2..
da rabak dah ni...
~, _ ,~
dat's why i never confess...
it just take a text to know that u'r someone else's property
n i know i can never trade place with that sumone..
sangat rase cam jantung kne stab..
leh kne heart attack aq kalo cmnih...

i guess this is how it feels like bila putus cinta....

Thursday, August 26, 2010


at last...finally!!
aq da dpt nombor miss raha!!!! OMG im so happy and thanks to pak awie for still remembering this 'cookie monster' and giving me miss raha's number.hehee......

sape miss raha??die ni cam mak aq la kat johor dulu.she care bout me.n she always belanja aq makan.there's one time,sebab aq cite kat die makanan dining hall tak sedap die siap boleh datang cari aq kat kelas pukul 2 (sbab aq ske lepak kat klas tgu time prep,malas nak balik dorm) and tapaukan nasi untuk aq..siap lukis smiley lagi atas polisterin tuh..gila terharu la aq dibuatnya.bukan tuh ja,dulu dia suruh aq jadi storyteller tetiap petang.and so,pergila aq ke bilik warden tuh bercerita kat p.a system almost everyday..n setiap petang jugakla die akan datang for my storytelling session tuh.miss raha,miss raha...die belikan aq 1kg mango,time tuh puan saidah (pkhem) ada sekali,n dia mintak la sebijik 2 then miss raha kata,"i buy this for her,nvrmind..i'll buy u sum other time,ok?!"aq pon sengih je la kt puan saidah.....

i love miss raha,she always pursue me to do things that i am not confident to do.she gave me confident and convince me that i am more than i think i am.for instance,she sign me up for the international english language league held by university of new south wales,australia (UNSW) n i end up at no.64 (which i think is great coz its international).n 1 thing that i cannot forget is harry potter.yes people,HARRY POTTER. she have this complete collection of harry porter and she keep on asking me to read that time i was like,'i dont like harry porter'.so i refuse the harry potter collection and i take her Chicken Soup for The Soul books. she let me borrow her books,n even let me take it home during school holiday. i remember that book;Chicken Soup for The Teenage Soul.she gave it for me to read during holiday and she stay at school until night to gave the book to me and send me to the bus station.sape tak terharu orang layan baik camtuh..haish,then balik umah je aq tros bace that book until page 159 ade satu post-it note tulis happy hols n ade la lg yg die sgt2 time tuh n aq simpan note tuh smpai now..nseb baek la aq bca,kalo aq x bca kompem x jmpa note tu n kalo pulang blk buku tuh with the not mesti kantoi yang aq x baca..hee,.

aq lama da tak jumpa dia,even time last day aq kat skola tu dulu pon aq x inform dia pon aq nak xleh..kawan aq bgtaw yang after aq pindah tu dia datang bawak nasi kat aq time rehat,n tanya aq pegi mana.dia tkejut da pindah pon dia still bawak nasi kat aq..haish,then ptg tuh dia call aq,sedih gila rasa..n that was the last time i spoke to her..rsa neves lak nk call dia xpa,da call nt aq tulis pa creta..
signing off..

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


can i face the day?
can i? can i?
can i stand still dat day?
can i talk?can i walk?
can i speak?can i laugh or shout?
am i able to?
can i run away from dat day?
can i skip forward?or can dat day not exist?
or can i be sumwhere,where dat day not exist?
can i act like there's nothing happen dat day?
can i just let it go down the drain?
can i? can i?
can i pretend that i don't know that

i can't?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

its all coming back to me

Nak mengeluh sekuat ati kt cni!!!
Knape ek??i do believe that I am a good listener to anyone but …I cant find one for my own..i mean, ade je yg sudi dgr but I don’t feel comfortable talking with them..kalo ckp pon just on phone,I cannot face them,face to lepas “terkena” pukulan ayat pedih aritu I am sooooo menahan diri dari bercerita dgn sesapa pon…unless I cannot hold it any longer..SERIK! sebab never thought that a person that you can rely on n u share everything with is actually..i don’t know how to describe it,bored and sick of you…maybe??n im like….WHAAAAATT???the moment I heard the word out of this persons mouth I feel like the sky is falling on my head and I am red allover my face..n ofcourse,tears rolling down my face..n that is in front of that person itself..but,I didn’t think that person noticed it..i feel like I’ve been betrayed,.knape??knape???kalo da tanak dgr juz ckp u had enuff!!dont hear all me blabbering then say things like that n perli2..tak baik taw!!is there really no one in this world to trust??hmm,i wonder…aq rse its better like before,where I just keep all things to my self until im sick inside n out…….

Saturday, August 21, 2010

my tarot reading

i do a tarot reading today...and the result is quite....ME!i u dont believe it,have a peek below::

The Emperor (i)

"This card indicates that your origin was affected by situations in which you had to face a grown-up who had great power, and turned out to be an obstinate, extremely rigorous and stubborn adversary, who had no ideals or clear values to achieve his objectives. It also indicates situations where there was loss of power and material goods"
(nih cite pasal bapak aq...)


This card shows a thorough and sudden change in your environment as a result of a situation that comes to an end, which brings about a complete transformation of the environment you live in.
(ni lak,mmg la nk transform kan...dr cmpus ke kerja kt ofis n after dis,blk kg tanam jgung...)

The Chariot
This card represents maturity; it says that you have fallen, then you have joined up and now you are going through a stage in which you know your limitations; therefore, now you can identify your deficiencies, your errors, and your reality. You have arrived at the end of a stage, in which the most important thing is the one in charge of it, which is you, and you are the one who leads the objectives of your life, you can do it because you are already mature and prepared.

 (yg nih susah sket nak percaya...)

The Justice

This is a period in which you'll be a source of balance among your friends; don't disregard this function even though you don't have enough time. You'll be able to give advice to many people that need you today; devote yourself to it. It is of prime importance that you are fair when fulfilling your commitments; it doesn’t matter the economic possibilities. Bear in mind that taking a mid position is always right .
(dis one is the one that i strongly believe...)

apa pun,ni skadar sukasuka je..sgala persamaan adalah kebetulan..lgpun tak elok prcaya tarot card ke,tilik nasib ke,sbab suma benda berlaku dg izin ALLAH S.W.T...kun fayakun..

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Man in suit!

Hari ni mamat tuh datang lagi…in black suit,OK!!ahhh….da la hensem…haish,

I love seeing man in suit……nseb baek xde man in suit dlm ofis nih…haish,

So guys,don’t wear suit and walk in front of me,k…nanti tak pasal2 kne terkam ngan aq!hahaha

Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Aq ada iza n aszuwa

Ada fyaezah,dila,yen…

Then,siti n munirah,n jas

Lpas tuh ris,nisa’ n suri

Dtg lak rose n farahin..

Pastuh fizah,mizah,shaima,yanie

Followed by nawwarah,fiqah,iylia,ikkey,

Then jue,n syaz,

Balik semula dila..

Tambah erah ngn nazira

Pastu tambah nyah,ain,akak n kila

Then tinggal dila,akak,n kila…

After dat aq jmpa zura,mas n nini

Tp,pastu tgl zura n nini

Xlama pastuh just ada nini

Then ada nini n aya

Not for long,tinggal nini ja

Then there’s nini n sri

For now….i have them,

As my royal bitchess…

My sygness….

My gurlfren…

putus cinta

Putus cinta…

Sakit,dowh!!even not physically but sakit di dalam lebih bisa..and it can be fatal also..hmm,kita akn slalu rasa sakit bila bercinta..sakit hati bila jeles,sakit kepala pikirkan si dia,sakit mata kalo tengok dia dgn or lain,pendek kata sakit suma la..btol tak,pendek??nak cakap bebyk psl cinta nih aq takla pandai,coz experience aq cuma sekali..but it do teach me how to love n to be love...thanks la to all my peeps yg slalu ask for advice from me about their relationship,n sorry jugak coz aq nih bukan pandai sgt pon bab2 nih,just based on my experience n a lil’ bit of ujikaji keatas behaviour manusia di sekeliling aq...hmm,back to putus cinta td..ada byk kes yg boleh membawa kpd putusnya percintaan tu,saperti::
  • • Bosan or org kedah kata cemuih
  • • Curang,curang and curang
  • • Girlfren kna paksa kawin ngan pilihan makpak
  • • Tamak coz dgn suma nak,atlast sorg pn xlekat
……..and the list goes on and on.yang diatas tuh just a few example yg aq pnah jumpa la,yg pnah dihadapi oleh kengkawan n aq sndri.but suma nih x penah membuatkan aq serik to be in love,ye sri!aq x serik to be in love,coz when u’re in love,u see things around u differently,with different perspective..n its good to know that there’s sumbody there who love you,n care for you..when u’re in love,u feel good..haish,I miss dat feeling..but im not ready yet,I think.for now,im content at being a love-doctor (as I called it) to my friends..haha,prasan jap.actually,im quite scared to start anew.scared to make my first move to approach,scared…scared-lahh!maybe coz I never been rejected before,n I scared it will happen to me..but,I is it feel like to be rejected??hmm..nevertheless..right now,im enjoying my single life.every minute of,every single second!!!!

" when i fall in love,it will be forever......."

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

min3 ~tribute to sri

nih aq jwb post ang wey...

You were in college, working part-time, waiting tables   {nih msti tringat part time pizza ngan fana}

Left a small town and never looked back    {agak kecik la yan kat kedah tuh..}

I was a flight risk, afraid of fallin’    {ang mang takot gayat}

Wondering why we bother with love, if it never lasts   {tak never sgt la,dgn sorg pon leh last byk2 kali kot}

I say, “Can you believe it?”

As we’re lyin’ on the couch    {slalu aq la yg baring on the couch tuh,}

The moment, I can see it

Yes, yes, I can see it now

Do you remember, we were sittin’ there, by the water?    {mengkuang damm}

You put your arm around me for the fist time    {blakang kdai runcit,kat lorong gelap}

You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter   

You are the best thing that’s ever been mine

Flash forward, and we’re takin’ on the world together

And there’s a drawer of my things at your place    {drawer aya!hahahaha}

You learn my secrets and figure out why I’m guarded    {secret..secret...secret...~wink!}

You say we’ll never make my parents’ mistakes

But we got bills to pay    {bil ayaq umah kak enon yg tertunggak arituh}

We got nothin’ figured out

When it was hard to take    {kes mesin basuh}

Yes, yes

This is what I thought about

And I remember that fight, two-thirty AM    {gadoh ngn makcik bwh umah lepas mnari nobody}

You said everything was slipping right out of our hands

I ran out, crying, and you followed me out into the street     {lari nyorok dpn toilet,ngendap kt tingkap}

Braced myself for the goodbye

Cause that’s all I’ve ever known

Then, you took me by surprise

You said, “I’ll never leave you alone”

You said, “I remember how we felt, sitting by the water

And every time I look at you, it’s like the first time

I fell in love with a careless man’s careful daughter

She is the best thing that’s ever been mine”

You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter

You are the best thing that’s ever been mine

Do you believe it?

We’re gonna make it now

And I can see it

I can see it now


Frankly speaking,I lie..yup,I lie. Everybody lied in their life, lied about all sorts of thing. Tipu la kalo sumone tuh ckp dia tak pnah for me,I lie about many things also..n sumtimes Im telling lies coz I need to,or lying to save my ass,or sumbody’s not writing this to reveal all d lies dat I tell coz it will be a neverending, to all who read this,n whom I may have lied and my lie have gotten them in so much trouble,

I HUMBLY APOLOGIZE…,dat’s a relief!!n no matter what u wanna call me after this..liar,pretender,penipu,pembohong,or wutsoever Please do believe that I would never ever ever forever lie on and about these things;my religion,love,and friendship

Monday, August 16, 2010

berbuka oh berbuka...

berbuka ape ye ari ni??
smalam makan mee kari kat mid valley...mmg TERRRRBAEK r!
tapi akibat dari ituh,pepagi hari lg aq da lapo...
susah la nk cari mkn kt cni...
bazar pon jaoh dr rumah...dkt ngan ofis ni pon xd bazar...hampeh,
da la smpai umah lambat...nk msk cam x sempat je...n x berbaloi r nk msk...bli lagi jimat...
hmm,ari ni 1st day kakak aq keje kat ofis yg same ngan aq...haha
nseb baek len tingkat..tapi dia 1 tmpat ngn nonoi,hahaha..lawak,lawakkk...
xpe..snang sket kot..kalo xde dwet leh paw die je...
tp.......slalunye aq yg kne paw..
hampeh skali lagi...


aq tgh belek2 gamba betty boop ni tadi n ni kesimpulan yang aq dpt wat...hehehe

SRI @ seducer

 FANA @ demurish

NONOI @ miss keep-it-to-myself

ANUM @ the artist


AYA @ the byotch

last but not least....



ni la background desktop aq ari nih!!betty boop yang gengster.hahaha...chumilz!ade macam aq tak???



knape aq yang slalu kena tunggu orang lama2?kalo stakat 5-10 minit tuh xpa, sampai berjam2!!bosan la memulakan kerjaya tunggu orang ni sekitar tahun 2002 yang mana aq kena berulang alik naek bas ekspres dr ayer tawar-johor-ayer tawar.tiap kali nk g johor bus mesti smpai paling lewat pn kne tunggu 1 jam je la...then kalo dr johor mak balik kampong lak laen plak citer..bkn bas yang aq kne tinggu tapi menunggu ketibaan yang dipertuan besar bapak aq datang amek kt stesen bas..dalam situasi nih aq lebih rela tgu bas yang lewat 1jam tuh..just imagine,naek bas je da 9 jam..tron bas dalam kol 5.30,then kne tunggu lagi sampai kol 10 pagi..mau kebas bontot aq..tiap kali balik kampong pun camtuh,at least 1 jam la aq kne tunggu bru leh sampai ke umah..haish~~

bile tukar skolah plak aq kne tunggu kawan aq yang sorang ni die la,mesti la kne tunggu die sbab kitorang slalu ade klas tambahan ptang2 or ari minggu..tunggu je la die datang amek aq kat umah sbab xde transport laen nak pegi..xpe la tunggu pon,adab menumpang..then bila sampai die akan bagi moto kat aq suh aq bawak,”nah bawak aq,hehe..biase la adab menumpang..”ayat nih da jadi trademark kami la..tapi even aq kne tunggu dia nip on x kesah,sbab journey kami ke skolah dgn naek moto tuh sangatlah sengal..mcm2 jd,biase r…minah wempit!!ahahaha..HAISH!

masuk plak uitm..start ujung2 part one kami sebilik iaitu (gila ayat BM) aq,mas,nonoi n zura slalu la lpak ngan teruna2 pingitan nih iaitu acap,syed n epul..kengkadang ada nasa jugak..n port lepak time tuh fudkot uitm blakang bAIduri tu je la..bilik kami kat tingkat 8,n berhadapan lak ngan fudkot tuh so everytime diorang lalu n nak panggil kitorang, acap akan jerit daru bawah dengan bunyi ‘wuwwuhh’.camtu la lebih kurang eja die,aq pn tak taw nk eja,sampai la part 2 n 3,even kitorang da x dok dalam pun tapi kalo nk klua minum kitorg akn cakap,”jom pegi wuwwuhh”..location nak wuwwuhh pun da tukar kpd abc corner.slalu kalo nk g abc biasenye aq n acap n syed n nini je la..epul kurg sket nk lepak abc ni..n biase kalo nonoi klua ngn epul n syed balik kulim,aq akn g abc ngn acap..hah,ni la nak cita nih kalo janji nk g abc ngan acap better la korang biar die dlu yang sampai kat abc corner punya la hangin ada 1 hari tuh.da la die yang ajak aq lepak then aw yang kne tgu die sampai 2 jam baru la die bara je tgk die,naseb bek kwn aq kalo x aq plangkung dahh..bukan skali,bukan 2 kali,tapi berkali2 la aq dok kat abc tuh tgu acap sama ada secara solo mahupun berkumpulan..dear acap; lepas ni kalo nak wuwwuhh kat abc lagi make sure la ang sampai sana dlu bru contact kami taw,kalo dak bjanggut laa kami tunggu ang kat ctu...HAISH!

arituh kami sangat excited la nk pegi sunway lagoon beramai2,n excited jugak sbab acap snggup turun dari Melaka atas ugutan aq..punya la aq excited nak kumpul ramai2 nih sampai aq sanggup pegi account department mintak sain smpai 2 kali sbab bli d end,aq jugak yang kne bayar harga tiket penuh..xpa la,kengkawan punya pasal,excited pnya pasal kan..haha,nway..pagi tuh acap pukul 7.30 da kejut ktorang suh bangun n dlm pkul 9.30 tuh,ktorg da otw g sunway da..sampai sunway awal la jgk..but syed pny date n her sista x sampai lagi..xkan nak masuk dulu kot..xpa la,tgu la dlu..ktorang round2 sunway pyramid tuh,g tgk org ice-skating..then tgk orang..tunggu lagi..tunggu lagi…aq da wat muka..nonoi wat muka..acap wat muka..n FINALLY,AT LAST..pkul 3lebih kot,bru diorang the time,aq n nonoi mmg xda mood gila la nk men..nonoi sgt piss-off n apatah lagi aq..xpa la,xkn nk piss-off g nk njoy,aq pon menyabarkanlah hati ini..HAISH!

then skarang nih pulak,dengan abang aq..dia nih agak mementingkan kawan2 jugak,cam aq..n dia gak SANGAT mementingkan awek dia sampai neglect adek bradik kengkadang..penen aq!da brape kali da janji nak balik kampong skali ngan suh la dia amek aq kt tmpat keja tros kan..bukan slalu sbab sbelom nih aq bsusah payah nek tren yg sesak tuh pg tempat dia..punya la aq tunggu punya tunggu punya tunggu dia x call dia kata pn tny la jam ktna..dia kata subang.bila dia kata subang tuh aq dah boleh bau ikan dah sebab awek dia dok kat subang...xpa la,aq amek la tren pegi least dekat la sket dia nak amek aq kan..then sampai stesen lrt subang aq pn tunggu la lag1..tunggu punya tunggu punya tunggu dia x timbul2 juga..haish,geram da cl lagi dia kata stuck dlm jam lg dad r da suara awek dia kt pn bsg r,ckp je la nk g amek awek jam la pe la..duhh,n aq pn sbagai adik mengalah la…ok la,aq g lepak kt carefour kt dpn stesen tuh..pusing2,try2 baju,round kat tempat cookies dia ja da 3 kali..pastu g try baju lagi..then dia cl tnya aq ktna,aq ckp la aq kat dlm carefour n dia kata tunggu la kat dpan sket lagi dia pn bukak baju yang aq try,pegi kat tempat cookies bli biskut carefour yang sdap tuh,nips(wajib ad dlm keta time balik kg,OK)n juice peelfresh n tgu la dia kat dpn carefour tuh..tunggu lagi..tunggu lagi..1jam30min berikutnya baru la sampai..itu pon sb aq cl kata ada nigga dok ikot,kalo tak,maul g lama aq tunggu kat citu..HAISH!!

benci r tunggu lama2..memang la ad ja org yg kena tunggu aq or slalu tunggu aq tapi aq rasa la x penah plak sampai berjam2..(except syed;kes xda bas g ampang point..sori babe!)..hmm,lpas nih sapa la plak yg aq kna tunggu berjam2??HAISH!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Benda2 yg buat aq ingat kt mak

Benda2 yg buat aq ingat kt mak:

• Duit jpa- coz dia tak sempat merasa duit tuh,so aq lbih suka spend duit jpa tu dr aq simpan,

• Baju kurung kaler krim corak2 kaler gold – minggu last aq balik umah bju tuh bru siap,n die kate “cantik,nt leh pinjam!kite kn same size je..hehe” but x sempat,

• Hibka anti perspirant- time tuh ktorang tengah siap2 nk pg umah orang kawin,then dia pkai ni sambil cakap,”ish,da tak bekesan la mende nih.pkai banyak pn still rase ketiak bau jugak.knape ek?”

• DVD citer Sam-soon- aq tgah layan citer nih sampai pkul 4.30,dalam pkul 4.15 camtuh die msk bilik,geleng2 pale n suh aq tido,(then pkul 7.00 dia kne strok tuh)

• Acuan untuk bubur anak lebah – 1 hari sbelum sakit tuh dia dok tepi umah dengan adik aq n makcik lah,gelak2 sakan sambil buat acu ni (fyi,bubur anak lebah tuh org slalu buat time kenduri arwah,so makcik lah yg mintak tlg mak aq buat acu nih xleh terima sgt2.hari ke3 mak meninggal makcik lah buat bubur tuh pkai acu yang mak buat..)

• Kek – hari sebelum die sakit,aq buat kek biase,tpung,telur,marjerin gula n asen vanilla..tak pukul pkai mixer pun sbab aq malas nk kluakn,pkai tgn je..mak kate pkai tgn lg sdap.bkar pn ats dapur..msk je mak tros angkat n mkn panas2..byk die mkn,then bila abes dia kate,xpe..esok wat lagi..pon,x sempat..

• Blender – kmi pegi bli blender tuh after jual asam keeping!ahaha,then aq wat crack sbab wat ice blended!then mak plak wat jth,pecah tros…hahaha

• Nasi lemak – xleh lupa pnya,bkn stakat aq,tapi jugak org kampong n pakcik dr Sungai Besi yg dtg tetiap mgu sb nk bli nasi lemak mak je..

N the list goes on and on….dah la tu,da mcm ujan dah aq yg menulis ni,

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

~but he nvr noticed..

Psstt...nk gtaw sket nih,

Aq ad la minat 1 guy ni,

~but he nvr noticed..

I called him now n then,

Checking out how’s his life being

~but he nvr noticed..

Sumtimes we crack jokes,

N talking on d phone for hours,

~but he nvr noticed..

I like him slightly more then friends,

I think of him everyday,

~but he nvr noticed..

I console him when he have problems,

I am sad when he’s sick or unhappy,

~but he nvr noticed..

He always tell me stories dat make him happy,

But the stories do breaks me inside,

N I cried at his back,

~but he nvr noticed..

kengkadang jeles tengok die sembang

or text dgn pompuan lain,

~but he nvr noticed..

Sumtimes I do things dat my heart tell me not to do

Just to make sure that he hasn’t notice that I like him,

~and yet he nvr noticed..

Dear God,

Please let him not notice it forever

As I am done with this forever

Just make sure he don’t know I write this forever

Make sure he don’t know its about him forever

Coz im not gonna be here forever

Just stay as admirer forever

Secret admirer forever...


My friends always told me that I think like a boy sumtimes,or in other words that he’s referring to me;I can SWITCH! Maybe dats why I can hang out with them in the mall n checking out gurls dat pass by..haha,miss dat moment.i can also be gurly at some other time.i remember there was one time at autocity where I get so fond of ribbon clips n he’s just stary loathefully at me n say,”iee,nape chit da makin feminine skang ni??”

…….and I just quickly put down the ribbon and march as far as I could from it,………….

It’s cool to mingle around with boys n know things that they talked about without any other girls knowing..but to be honest,u can never figure out what’s actually in their mind,or what actually their thoughts about you..n trust me,sumtimes their thoughts can be SCARY… but,ahh..screw all that!i don’t care of whautever they wanna think about me. One thing that I know is im enjoying my moments with them..

Its not that im ashamed to be feminine or what,in fact I do wear dresses and make-up and all..but I think femininity is just not me,at least for the moment..n for the time being,please jz except me for who I am..there was certain times that I feel like my friends didn’t even noticed that I was a girl n treat me like their guy-friend.i don’t mind that but sometimes it gets too much until I burst out with the ‘helloo,im still a gurl!’ phrase..yes,im still a gurl,people! im like the tough broad since I was a kid..i am the bully,n I like to bully the boys,hahaha!
 But trust me on this,I am a girl. I just don’t get used to be treated as one...yet!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

if u go away

reminiscing the good ol'days with d loved ones....

If you go away, On this summer's day

Then you might as well, Take the sun away

All the birds that flew, In the summer sky

When our love was new, And our hearts were high

And the day was young, And the nights were long

And the moon stood still, For the night bird's song

If you go away

If you go away

If you go away...

But if you stay I'll make you a day

Like no day has been Or will be again

We'll sail on the sun We'll ride on the rain

And talk to the trees And worship the wind

But if you go I'll understand

Leave me just enough love To fill up my hand

If you go away...

If you go away As I know you will

You must tell the world To stop turning

'til you return again If you ever do

For what good is love Without loving you?

Can I tell you now As you turn to go

I'll be dying slowly 'til the next hello

If you go away...

But if you stay I'll make you a night

Like no night has been Or will be again

I'll sail on your smile I'll ride on your touch

I'll talk to your eyes That I love so much

But if you go I won't cry

Though the good is gone From the word goodbye

If you go away...

If you go away As I know you must

There is nothing left In this world to trust

Just an empty room Full of empty space

Like the empty look I see on your face

And I'd been the shadow Of your shadow

If you might have kept me

By your side

If you go away...

may u guys rest in peace...Al-Fatihah,

mumble rumble..

nothing to do....juz mumbling by myself,n this is d rzlt!

if I bore u,im so sorry

I never meant to do that,really

I am just telling u story

Dat I cant keep to myself already

The pressure I cant take no more

The fire within cant be put out with snow

The rage and anger in my face it show

And day by day greater it grow

My mental is physically abuse

I hid my body with self amuse

I didn’t have no option to choose

If I scream it out the hell break lose

N deep inside myself I suffer

With reels of tape of life that buffer

No one can cope

I only hope

A savior will ride me off the hook