Tuesday, March 8, 2011


i was going thru my stuff this morning and i found this little blue notebook that i used when i was in form 4. and then i belek-belek sket inside it and i found this piece of rhyme, (or whaTever u may call it) that i wrote...
it kinda sound catchy,haha

every seconds fly
every minutes passed by
every hour bid good bye
every days gone with a smile
every weeks fill with laughter
every months the bond gets better
every years we spend together
every moments and moments after
every time i be in blue
i know u're there for me 
and i'll be there for u...



  1. Like it!

    p/s long time no see you akak


  2. ahaha..i like it too!
    hiatus la bro,meditasi minda jap..hehe


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