Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Geek Much??

Come across Geeky Bids ad from a file hosting website, click on the ad by sheer curiosity. It's actually an auction website with every item bidding from RM0.00, every bidding session increase RM0.01 cent. I got 10 free bids once  i sign up an account. Here how it works.
  • All auctions start at RM0.00.
  • You then place a bid.
  • Each bid you place will increase the current price by RM0.01.
  • The countdown timer resets everytime a new bid is placed.
  • If the countdown timer reaches 00:00:00 and no new bids are placed, then the last bidder wins the right to buy the product at the final auction price.
  • Winner gets back 100% of his/her bids as well.
 So if you are like me trying to look for cheaper bargains for hi tech gadgets, head over to this link here now!

i wanna redeem my bids now,hehehe..



  1. btol meh??? nonoi

  2. agk ssh ar nak bid xcept ko bli bid in bulk bebanyak n pakai die pny autobid..cmtu gerenti dpt.. r


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