Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Letter To a Friend..

Dear Friend,

           It has been awhile since we met. How are you doing? I hope you are in a pink of health. I heard you have moved to a new place. Hope i'll have the chance to crash at your new place someday. Anyway, i feel like writing to you. I'm sorry if this letter bugs your serene life. I just feel like you are not you that i once know. I feel weird being around the new you when we last met,which was quite a while ago. But maybe it's just you, the real side of you that i never know. Somehow, I do feel the need to apologize to you. I am sorry if I ever offended you in a way that i never realize. I am sorry if the way that i speak annoys you. And I am really sorry if the way I explain something that I know or I have sounds like I'm bragging to you about it. I really didn't mean it. If you still feel offended by that then you really didn't understand me at all. You know, I was really taken aback by your word when I met you a early this year. After a long time we haven't met each other. You tell me a story about a friend of yours that i don't know who but the way you telling it to me seems like you been meaning to tell me that I am that particular person or I am just like the person in the story, I don't know why. You know how fast I can read people,right? And that's not just it, you also downgraded me in a way,well..we both know how you reacted that time. I mean, come on!! What have I done that offend you so much, really?? I have no clue at all. Are you jealous of me? Oh,If I were you, I will never be jealous of me. No dude,seriously. You earn more than me, you spend less than me, and you even have a steady boyfriend which I don't have right now,bitch!! Sorry for the language, I got carried away a bit. I don't know what the reason was and I even if I do want to know I don't care if you'll never gonna tell but as far as I know, you are still my friend. Even if you don't think of me as your friend I don't mind because you will always be my friend. Forever. And if you read this, which you probably wouldn't I want you to know from deep down the bottom of my heart inside, I am sorry for everything.



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