Saturday, December 24, 2011

Allah is The Greatest..

Dah seminggu aq plan untuk buat dosa this weekend. And i've been waiting the day to come so excitedly sampai sanggup ambik emergency leave on friday sebab tak sabar sangat. Tapi when the day come aq jadi takut sikit,but still as excited as i was before. So, as planned aq pun keluar la dengan confident untuk buat dosa,kononnya it's the first and the last la..Sampai je, kat tempat yang dijanjikan, Allah punya kuasa aq kena menunggu pun tunggu la, nasib baik makanan sedap..for 1 friggin' hour aq tunggu,nampak sangat Allah tak pn fed-up tunggu and pegi layan movie cita Alvin & the Chipmunks.(by the way, cita tu tak best..what a waste of my 10bucks). then tengah tengok tu baru dia mengada-ngada datang..i am kind of piss off and biarkan je dia tunggu sampai cita habis..then lepas habis tu pulak aq yang kena pegi mencari pulak..arghhhh! so pergilah aq...and then there it was, and as if a lightning bolt struck my head and aq rasa Allah sayang gila kat aq time tu, i look at it and  i feel...NOTHING. not as how i feel before,completely nothing...i don't know why tapi Allah maha Besar, maybe there is something wrong with me or something is definitely wrong about it yang tetiba melenyapkan langsung segala apa rasa yang aq ada..until this very moment im writing,still i didnt feel anything anymore about it.but i am so grateful that Allah has led me into not committing and adding more sin and i feel so blessed right now..
Alhamdulillah..Thank You Ya Allah!!

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