Monday, December 19, 2011

The Garbage I Become..

This i quoted from a blog called iwrotethisforyou..nice one,

Now the TV's on at 3am and you're sleeping on the couch, because you can.
Now the plate is where you left it, no one else is going to move it for you.
Now the politics of blankets are gone.
Now the people on the radio sound so far away.
Now you've got no plans when you wake up, just keep on keeping on.
Now the morning fades to light, to twilight, to night.
Now you rinse and repeat.
Now you remove the sleeve and remove the film.
Now you remove the sleeve and pierce the film several times.
Now dinner takes exactly 2:30 minutes.
Now the earth hurtles through the universe around a giant ball of fire.
Now none of your acquaintances know they're really your only friends.
Now none of your friends know they're just acquaintances.
Now you've got to get used to being alone, like when you're born, like when you die.
Now you're free.
Now you can do whatever you want.
You just have to do it alone.


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