Saturday, July 14, 2012


people tend to forget or they just simply don't's hard to find people who would really truly listen to you. they like to tell stories, and i like listening to it, but when it comes my turn, i feel like they don't give a damn.. they do listen, but i can see the insincerity in their face and the fake smile in the end of my stories when they saw me look at them for their respond.. and the most annoying thing, the uninterested sound they make when you're telling your stories.. that's the bad side of being able to read made you feel awful but u have to pretend that u didn't even notice it..and that is why from now on, i'm gonna forbid myself from sharing stories that are not important to tell ( it's hard, but i'm gonna try my best )..

hey, i am a good listener, but don't forget,
i am an excellent storyteller too..


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