Tuesday, August 24, 2010

its all coming back to me

Nak mengeluh sekuat ati kt cni!!!
Knape ek??i do believe that I am a good listener to anyone but …I cant find one for my own..i mean, ade je yg sudi dgr but I don’t feel comfortable talking with them..kalo ckp pon just on phone,I cannot face them,face to face..tp lepas “terkena” pukulan ayat pedih aritu I am sooooo menahan diri dari bercerita dgn sesapa pon…unless I cannot hold it any longer..SERIK! sebab never thought that a person that you can rely on n u share everything with is actually..i don’t know how to describe it,bored and sick of you…maybe??n im like….WHAAAAATT???the moment I heard the word out of this persons mouth I feel like the sky is falling on my head and I am red allover my face..n ofcourse,tears rolling down my face..n that is in front of that person itself..but,I didn’t think that person noticed it..i feel like I’ve been betrayed,.knape??knape???kalo da tanak dgr juz ckp u had enuff!!dont hear all me blabbering then say things like that n perli2..tak baik taw!!is there really no one in this world to trust??hmm,i wonder…aq rse its better like before,where I just keep all things to my self until im sick inside n out…….

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