Monday, August 30, 2010


And I thought the worst day has passed..
Yet there’s more to come..

When I thought the worst is over ..

Yet its still there waiting to be found..

i already have a glance of ‘is thought,.

not that I have a power to predict..

nor in people’s mind I can read..

I know it by heart ..

That im just not the apple of ‘is eyes..

Nor the thorn on ‘is rose..

Not even the blooming flower that can melt ‘is ‘art..

I am just a mat..

Where he can lean on when he feel sad..

Where he lie on when he is mad..

Or just sit on and stare at..

And he can step on when he feel bad..

N just pass by when not needed..

Anytime,any place coz I’ll be there always..

But I never mind those..

Because at least I know..

He’ll come to me sooner or later..

When he need me to lie on,lean on, sit on and even step on..

I don’t care..

I will always be there..


what say you?