Saturday, August 21, 2010

my tarot reading

i do a tarot reading today...and the result is quite....ME!i u dont believe it,have a peek below::

The Emperor (i)

"This card indicates that your origin was affected by situations in which you had to face a grown-up who had great power, and turned out to be an obstinate, extremely rigorous and stubborn adversary, who had no ideals or clear values to achieve his objectives. It also indicates situations where there was loss of power and material goods"
(nih cite pasal bapak aq...)


This card shows a thorough and sudden change in your environment as a result of a situation that comes to an end, which brings about a complete transformation of the environment you live in.
(ni lak,mmg la nk transform kan...dr cmpus ke kerja kt ofis n after dis,blk kg tanam jgung...)

The Chariot
This card represents maturity; it says that you have fallen, then you have joined up and now you are going through a stage in which you know your limitations; therefore, now you can identify your deficiencies, your errors, and your reality. You have arrived at the end of a stage, in which the most important thing is the one in charge of it, which is you, and you are the one who leads the objectives of your life, you can do it because you are already mature and prepared.

 (yg nih susah sket nak percaya...)

The Justice

This is a period in which you'll be a source of balance among your friends; don't disregard this function even though you don't have enough time. You'll be able to give advice to many people that need you today; devote yourself to it. It is of prime importance that you are fair when fulfilling your commitments; it doesn’t matter the economic possibilities. Bear in mind that taking a mid position is always right .
(dis one is the one that i strongly believe...)

apa pun,ni skadar sukasuka je..sgala persamaan adalah kebetulan..lgpun tak elok prcaya tarot card ke,tilik nasib ke,sbab suma benda berlaku dg izin ALLAH S.W.T...kun fayakun..

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